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Can A Godly Woman Be Sexy?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Godly women all around the world from one time or another have questioned their sexiness.

Even with being rooted in Christ and knowing who they are, I believe that we have all straddled the fence on where do we fit in as far as our own sexiness spectrum.

With the strict rules of the church to the IG models that pop up on our feed; we're all trying to find our place and how it applies to us and our walk with God, our husbands, and our marriages.

In my twenties, you could always find me in the club: short tight dress, high heels, or something of that sort.

There was no conviction; you couldn't tell me nothing.

Once I became a mom at twenty-two, I dialed it down a little.

But once I snapped back, I wasn't clubbing as much, but my everyday style was not constrained or tamed.

Now don't get me wrong, I was classy and had taste, but I wore what I wanted to wear, and eventually it trickled over into my Sunday clothes.

I shared in one my IG posts that my dresses on Sunday mornings were sometimes short and tight, on top of that I was on the praise and worship team and the choir director.

So I was front and center on any given Sunday.

I would have the mothers of the church come to me and say that my dress needed to be a little longer and what not.

I would nod and sometimes consider it, but most times, not.

I even had one mother of the church say to me that I shouldn't let anybody try to dress me down.

That was the ammunition that I needed to continue to dress the way I wanted and have no conviction.

My fiancé at the