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Can The Feeling Of Guilt Destroy Your Relationship?

When the mind allows guilt to take over, it will tear down relationships, especially if the partner fails to come to terms and agreement with self.

To determine if your mind is full of guilt you must ask your self-questions. What did you do so wrong that would offend your partner that cannot be forgiving?

Guilt can break the mind down to the point of no return.

Guilt is more than a mistake made; rather it is a violation against rights, humanity, belief, tradition, standards, and love.

When a person fails in a relationship, they may feel a measure of guilt.

Thus, confronting the problem now can remove the guilt and make the relationship work.

When people confront their problems, it often leads to workable agreements.

When procrastination, or else lying to cover the wrong continues, the mind consumes itself with emotions based on guilt.

Guilt occurs when conscious actions or thoughts interfere with someone else's rights, or against their own personal beliefs.

Mistakes leading to guilt depend on the situation, but for the most part wrongs can lead to right if humanity exists.

If a person commits adultery, thus the problem is solvable if the person acted out of emotion, rather than thought and commits to restoring trust.

Of course, actions, effort, behaviors and habits must show the mate that the mistake will never occur again.

It depends on the mate but some will forgive, while others may take the insult of the partner letting them know their worth in the relationship to heart and may decide separation and/or divorce is the way out.

Adultery is stating to the mate that you have no worth.