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How I Got Started As A Wife Coach

I happen to believe that I have always been the person in my group of friends that would give out the relationship advice.

You know in your group of friends, everybody has their role.

You have the chill girlfriend, the turn up girlfriend, the gossiper.

I was the relationship advice friend.

We all gave each other advice on our relationships, but I was the one who had a boyfriend that turned into a fiance, that turned into a husband.

Still to this day, my friends still hit me up and ask me about relationship advice.

And I guess they thought, well if Ariel got married, then she must have some great advice to make my relationship work.

Little did they know that I had been struggling in my own life and marriage.

I had been working in my professional career as a Spanish teacher for about 5 years.

Been married for about 2. 

I was in a crazy season at my job. 

Quite honestly, I was miserable. 

I felt overworked and underappreciated. 

I also was in a in between season in my marriage at the time.

Ya’Seen and I were still trying to