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How I Got Started As A Wife Coach

I happen to believe that I have always been the person in my group of friends that would give out the relationship advice.

You know in your group of friends, everybody has their role.

You have the chill girlfriend, the turn up girlfriend, the gossiper.

I was the relationship advice friend.

We all gave each other advice on our relationships, but I was the one who had a boyfriend that turned into a fiance, that turned into a husband.

Still to this day, my friends still hit me up and ask me about relationship advice.

And I guess they thought, well if Ariel got married, then she must have some great advice to make my relationship work.

Little did they know that I had been struggling in my own life and marriage.

I had been working in my professional career as a Spanish teacher for about 5 years.

Been married for about 2. 

I was in a crazy season at my job. 

Quite honestly, I was miserable. 

I felt overworked and underappreciated. 

I also was in a in between season in my marriage at the time.

Ya’Seen and I were still trying to figure this whole marriage thing out, plus being recently pregnant, and not allowing our newborn baby to take over the romance in our new marriage.

We were still navigating through this unprecedented time, and to be honest, I was struggling how to be a wife and a mom, and all the other things that I was.

I have always been a teacher at heart.

Ever since I was 7 years old, I knew that I was going to grow up to be a teacher.

It was in my bones.

And I always will be.

But I was ready to take my passion for teaching and apply to another area of interest.

Plus, create an extra stream of income.

Hey, we just had a baby. 

We needed the money.

Being married has opened my eyes to a lot of new things.

It has exposed things to myself about myself.

It has challenged me.

And most importantly, it has made me draw closer to God.

It has been such a beautiful experience.

But I would be lying if I said that I never thought about giving up or throwing in the towel.

Even after having multiple people ask me about their relationships, I was the one that was ready to give up just like half of the other married couples out there in the world.

That first year for us was very telling and trying for both of us.

But after getting into the face of God and sharing my heart with Him, and He sharing his heart with me, I knew that not only did I want to stay and honor the vow that I made to my husband and to God, but this was what was required of me by God.

As we all know, the divorce is 50%, but I was ready to make a dent in that percentage by becoming a Wife Advisor.

I chose “advisor” rather than “coach” because a coach will help guide you into a new life, a new marriage, a new whatever you want to focus on. 

It’s all up to you.

An advisor will help guide to those improvements, but they also put in their two cents.

They not only coach, but they teach, too.

A perfect combination for me.

After I had my ‘aha’ moment, I came to a realization that I was tired of seeing marriages in my family and the people around me end in divorce when I knew that this wasn't the way that God intended it to be.

God intended for marriage to be permanent.

Regardless of what the media, society, or whoever else tells you otherwise, God’s design for marriages should be forever.

Or until death do us part.

Or until the rapture.

Whichever comes first.

I knew that I couldn't be the only one that was struggling in their marriage and trying to fight for it as well.

I didn't marry my high school crush just to get married to him, have his babies, and get a  divorce.

Not I, said the cat.

What was really driving me was that I knew at least half of society was willing to stay in the marriage.

I knew it was my duty to show and teach others not only how to stay in their marriages, but also have successful happier marriages.

And God had instilled that in me.

So, I began to look into life coaching.

For those who don't know, life coaching is a process where your focus improves the here and now in your life situation with a person that helps guide you to your end destination.

As I began to do more research, I found that you would need to become certified in order to become a life coach.

I found a credible institution where I could take my courses and become certified.

 That was back in 2017.

I finally finished my courses in 2020 and became a Certified Life Coach and Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator, which I am very proud to say; if I might say so myself.

My dreams had come true.

I knew that I could now continue to walk in my purpose and bring glory to God through the restoration of marriages. 

As I began my practice, I knew I had made the right choice.

So many women would text me or inbox telling me how much they appreciated my help or just to tell me thank you for helping them in various seasons of their marriages.

That's the hope that I love to hear. 

That is why I do what I do; to hear the testimonies of women that were broken in their relationships, hear from God through me,  a WIfe Advisor, and come out better in the end.

I don't take any of the credit.

I am just a vessel and I give ALL glory to God!

 If you are curious about obtaining a Life Coach or WIfe Advisor, go ahead and set a free 30 minute Discovery Call where we can discuss your issues that you are having right now and how you can overcome it. 

Click here to schedule.

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