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How Idolatry Can Destroy Your Marriage

Idolatry? Who thinks about idolatry in marriage?

Not I said that cat.

But in all actually, that is exactly what happened in my marriage.

I turned my husband into my god.

I expected my husband to operate like one.

Kinda like a genie.

In my mind, he was supposed to do everything for me.

And a snap of my fingers, all of my problems would go away because he would fix it for me.

How a poor of a god he turned out to be lol

We always hear that saying, “Happy Wife, Happy Life.”

In society, we expect our husbands to make us happy.

And they should, shouldn’t they?

Of course! And vice verse, might I add.

However, they should be making us happy because they want to, not out of obligation.

They shouldn’t be responsible for our happiness.

That should come from within us and from God.