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How To Be A Godly Wife To Improve Your Marriage

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

So what is a godly wife?

Great question!

In its simplest form, a godly wife is a Christian, however, not all Christian wives are always godly wives.

Let that sink in.

We use the term Christian as a title for convenience, but is there any real transformation going on in our hearts?

So a godly wife is a woman that has chosen to do marriage God's way.

Basic submission right there.

It's not her will, but God's will.

A godly wife is a woman that is fully committed to living for Jesus and completing her assignment that God has given to her in her marriage.

A godly wife reads the Bible.

I have struggled myself with this one right here.

With all of the hats I wear from being a wife, mom, career woman, business woman, praise and worship leader, where do I find time to just sit and read the Bible.

I would be consistent for a week or two, but then get caught up in all of my to do lists.

I would feel guilty if I didn't read my Bible and then beat myself up.

I struggled with comparing myself with the blueprint of a virtuous woman that God left for us in his Word.

But thank God that we don't have to be perfect; that's what grace is for.

When we miss the mark, there is an abundant grace that fills in the gap for us.


Instead of looking for a perfect godly wife, God calls us to love him with all of our hearts and that requires us to spend time in his word.

Now, I am usually the type of Christian woman that would read a devotion and then study the scripture that accompanied it or the scripture of the day.

But recently, I have felt a shift in my Bible studying.

God now wants me to be more intentional in my time in his Word.

If we are going to have real transformation in our hearts from our godly lifestyle, then we should study scriptures that align with that transformation.

So whatever you may be struggling with right now regarding in your heart, find scriptures and passages that will cause a change.

And study them, I mean really study them.

Meditate on them and I know you will see a difference in yourself and your marriage.

A godly wife is consistent in prayer.

On top of reading her Bible daily, a godly wife prays consistently as well.

She prays without ceasing until she sees the manifestation of her prayers.

And then she continues to pray just to praise and commune with God.

Something doesn't always have to be going on when we pray to God.

Praying is just communication between you and God; simply building relationship.

Praying is also is one of the most powerful tools that you have.

And then when you attach scripture to your prayers, because you've spent time in your Word, they are that much powerful.

And then adding fasting to your prayers! That's a powerhouse!

Because some things only come by praying and fasting.

So find some time to consecrate yourself before God and do some version of fasting, whether that is a 12 hour fast, Daniel fast, etc.

Die to your flesh so that you can hear from God.

A godly wife forgives.

Now if you really want to improve your marriage, then you must learn how to forgive.

It is is inevitable that your husband may hurt your feelings or sin against you because he is human.

Forgiveness is one of the cornerstones of our faith.

If we are to call ourselves Christians, then we are to forgive, regardless if that person apologizes or not!

Say what?!


Even if he never apologizes for things that he has done, you still must forgive.

One of the virtues of a virtuous woman is forgiveness.

Regardless of what people do to her, her moral standards are still held high.

She behaves no less morally.

The thing is God told us to forgive and he will handle the retribution.

God said the vengeance is his.

So we don't need to get our husbands back, we need to forgive.

That's it!

You may be thinking that forgiving is a hard task.

And I would totally agree with you, but do you know how we demonstrate forgiveness to others?

Through the help of the Holy Spirit.

I know it may seem impossible, but let me remind you that you can do all things through Christ which strengthens you.


If you want learn more about being a virtuous woman, check out my free 14 day devotional and bible study on becoming a Proverbs 31 Woman

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