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How to Be A Husband-Influencer

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

There are tons and tons of social media influencers out in the media right now.

An influencer is someone that aspires to entertain, inspire, or motivate.

So let me educate a little bit on the types of influencers there are.

There are mega, micro, and nano influencers that can have as many as billions of subscribers to less than 15,000 followers.

So there is a big range.

But you know what?

Out of the all the people in the world, one of the main people that I want to influence is my husband.

Yes. I want to be a husband-influencer.

Without even speaking just like 1 Peter 3 describes, I can influence my husband to live a godly lifestyle.

Here are 5 tips on how you can be a husband-influencer.

1. Be Authentic

Authenticity plays such an important role in the success of your marriage.

I can't stress it enough to be yourself.

Your little quirks and the things that you think are weird, are the very reasons why your husband loves you and ultimately, married you.

Your husband wants you to be who you are.