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How to Be A Husband-Influencer

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

There are tons and tons of social media influencers out in the media right now.

An influencer is someone that aspires to entertain, inspire, or motivate.

So let me educate a little bit on the types of influencers there are.

There are mega, micro, and nano influencers that can have as many as billions of subscribers to less than 15,000 followers.

So there is a big range.

But you know what?

Out of the all the people in the world, one of the main people that I want to influence is my husband.

Yes. I want to be a husband-influencer.

Without even speaking just like 1 Peter 3 describes, I can influence my husband to live a godly lifestyle.

Here are 5 tips on how you can be a husband-influencer.

1. Be Authentic

Authenticity plays such an important role in the success of your marriage.

I can't stress it enough to be yourself.

Your little quirks and the things that you think are weird, are the very reasons why your husband loves you and ultimately, married you.

Your husband wants you to be who you are.

So trying to be someone else isn't going to appeal him.

Trying to be a IG Model may get him with the lust, but it won't keep him engaged in the long term.

Because you're just copying what you think he wants, but in all reality, he just wants you.

So continue to be you because no one can be a husband-influencer like you can to your husband.

2. Start Now

You cannot wait until you feel like you're just perfect in order to start being an influencer.

None of us are perfect!

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God! Romans 3:23

You're never going to be perfect.

But you are striving for perfection.

There's never going to be a time in your Christian walk where you can say, "I have arrived."

Especially because we are all spiritual beings living in fleshly vessels.

There's always something that we can work on; some sin that my have creeped in.

However, being intentional in your lifestyle and your daily walk with God can start now.

How you carry yourself, what comes out of your mouth can improve right now.

Like literally, right now!

So get to it!

3. Think Long Term

Being a husband-influencer is not just about your husband and it shouldn't be solely about only following Christ because you want your husband to change.

So what should your main objective be?

The main objective is because this is what God has called and commanded us to do and where we end up when we die is ultimately up to us.

Your salvation is your salvation.

So even if your husband does not change, that doesn't mean that you should stop influencing him through your godly lifestyle.

It means that you keep going and doing because that is what God desires us to do.

4. Know Your Man

This is one of the most important things to learn when trying to influence your husband.

You should know what type of learner he is, his interests, and how he receives love.

How can you influence him if you don't know his pain points?

How can you influence him if you don't know the best way to love him?

You can't!

If you can't answer those questions, then that means that you need to start asking some questions and then listening to those answers.

There's no better way to learn your man than to ask him.

Idc how many blog posts you read trying to figure out what guys really want or how to subliminally change your man, none of it is going to work if you don't put some action behind it.

Take some time this week to just talk to him and then identify some grows that you can assist him in, and be intentional about putting in that work.

Got it? Good.

If you want to get exclusive encouragement from your own personal Wife Advisor, then become apart of my tribe!

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