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The #1 Way to Trust Your Man Again

I was insecure and I didn’t trust him.

I sabotaged my relationship and my marriage with manipulation and controlling tactics for too long and I was ready for a change.

Instead of trying to control my man, I learned self-control in trusting God.

Last week, I talked about my struggles with insecurity.

You can catch up on that read here.

Along with struggling with insecurity, I also didn’t trust my husband.

I was always thinking the worst of him.

I questioned where he would go, snoop through his phone, and periodically ask him if he was cheating on me.

It was horrible.

I was literally creating a living hell for my husband.

What man wants to come home to a wife that is always asking third degree questions?

None that I know of.

I’ve always heard people say that I needed to be his peace.

I tried so hard, but my mind always would get the best of me and then my thoughts would become words and actions.

My former pastor preached though a sermon that stuck with me.

He taught that we shouldn’t have expectations of people because people will always disappoint us.

It was a teaching that I had to dig my heels into if my marriage was going to last.