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The Best He's Ever Had

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

As we grow up, we are taught so many valuable lessons.

How to use our manners. How to treat people.

But what about the lessons of wifehood?

Somehow they are forgotten. I know for a fact for me, I grew up with single mom who didn't get remarried until I was on the brink of my very own marriage.

So knowing if I would be a good wife or not was still up in the air.

What I believe that all parents try to teach their kids is self-acceptance. And I'm not just talking about the good qualities; I'm talking about the bad ones too.

You know, the mistakes, failures, disappointments, successes, and wins. Everything that comes along with being a human, a woman, and ultimately a wife.

All of these things don't take away from your worth and your quality, but it just increases your value as being the best wife that your man has ever had!

Alexa, play Best I Ever Had x Drake.

You may be thinking, "How do I know if I truly believe that I am the best he's ever had?"

One indicator is how you accept compliments.

As a single mom, she taught me that whenever someone gives me a compliment, I should simply accept it and say, "Thank you."

Ok. Easy.

But what do I do when my husband tells me that he loves my extra 20 pound weight gain and stretch marks?

I most certainly don't self-accept those.

But thing that I had to realize is that in his eyes, he loves it, regardless of how I feel about it.

I'm still going to improve on it, but I shouldn't love myself any less or devalue myself just because my perspective is a little different.

I'm still the best he's ever had even though I burned dinner two nights in a row or if I forgot to lock his car door and his tv was stolen.

True story.

He's forgiven me. Honest. I think...


I had to come to the realization of the importance of truly loving myself and self-accepting every single part of me.

So here are three ways that I learned to always be confident in being his wife.

1. Acknowledge My Insecurities

Yes. I had to unpack some things.

I had to deal with my daddy issues, my past relationships, which included domestic abuse.

I had to deal with my body image issues.

I had to ask some hard questions. I had to have hard conversations with myself, my dad, and most importantly with God

I wrote a blog post about how I overcame my insecurities. You should check it out if you're struggling with this.

Next, I needed to...

2. Acknowledge My Accomplishments

Now, I am not talking about graduating from college or getting a promotion.

I'm talking about the little things.

You know, I'm proud of myself because I didn't burn dinner the third day.

I'm proud of myself because I corrected my tone and attitude before speaking to my husband.

I am most proud of myself most recently because my husband has requested something of me sexually.

Now, as his wife, scripture says that I am to please my husband sexually, and of course, he does the same, but we're talking about me right now.

Now with me being a G-Spot Wife, I am proud to say that I have consistently obliged his request for two straight weeks.

(Applause) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

So I encourage you to acknowledge the small things that you accomplish as his wife.

And last, but not least...

3. Avoid Negative Thoughts

Let me go back to scripture.

Proverbs 23:7 says,

For a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

So what are you thinking about? What are your daily affirmations?

Are you telling yourself that he's going to leave you? Do you tell yourself that you can never do anything correct?

If you are consistently thinking these things and then speaking these, then you will begin to believe it.

Now how do you combat that stinking' thinkin'?

It's simple. Start thinking positive things.

"I am the best wife my husband has ever had." "I am fearfully & wonderfully made." "My husband values me and loves me." "I am everything that my husband wants or needs."

See what I mean?

Now is the time to evaluate yourself. It's time to take control of your thoughts and start acknowledging who you are and how great you are!

You are the best he's ever had! Say it. Now believe it.

While you're at it, check out Wife Love Apparel & Accessories and remind yourself and everybody else how great wife you are.

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