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To Hire Or Not to Hire a Wife Coach

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

That is the question.

With the stigma of therapists when it comes to mental health decreasing recently, the same stigma of receiving help in your relationship and marriage has gone down as well.

Back in the day, it used to be so taboo to go and talk to someone about your marital issues.

It wasn’t supposed to happen.

Nobody should be in your business.

What happens in your marriage stays in your marriage.

Point. blank. Period.

But believe it or not, the most successful marriages include God's help, plus guidance from an outside source.

There are reasons why you should hire a wife coach and there a reasons why you shouldn’t as well.

Let's take a look.

Why you shouldn't hire a wife coach

1. I need someone to fix my marriage

The coach that is right for you will listen ask questions, and reflect on what they hear.

They will push you and challenge you to think in a different way, but a coach will not “fix” anything for you.

Balancing all of the areas when it comes down to be a wife takes grit, God, and grace.

A wife coach will give you amazing tools, resources, and sight for a successful marriage.

But this isn’t enough if you're not willing to put in the work and commit to the work.

If you lack that, no coach could ever help you.

2. I need help with psychological issues

Many coaches are not therapists.

A wife coach will hone in on the here and now, and the future.

They will focus on what you want to fix now and how to make a better marriage for the future, rather than focus on your past.

If you’re dealing with mental illness, depression, etc. you’ll want to see a licensed therapist.

3. I need a wise friend.

Like I said earlier, having many people in your issues and problems was not and still isn’t the thing to do when you come up against dilemmas in your relationship.

Friends and family mean well, but they are biased when it comes to you and your marriage.

Being too close to a situation will not allow them to see the situation for what it is.

If you’re looking for a friend, don’t get a wife coach.

Why you should hire a wife coach

1. If something terrible has happened

If you recently moved to one income, your husband cheated, you're fighting every night, or something of the sort.

Carving out the time to work with these complex feelings with a qualified coach that will help build a safe place for you is one of the main moves you can make to help you move forward.

2. If nothing has happened

Maybe you’ve tried everything and your relationship hasn’t improved, and nothing that you're doing is working.

To obtain the results that you want, you’re going to need to change your beliefs, strategies, and approach.

The beginning of a new coaching relationship is the perfect time to dial back and evaluate the layers and layers of attitudes and beliefs that you have about marriage.

Nobody ever gets married so that to can fail.

And the number one thing that causes relationships to improve is the fear of failing.

When you feel stuck or at a stand still, the right coach will help you break through these barriers and limiting beliefs about yourself and your marriage.

3. If you want to make it happen

We all need a coach.

We all need someone to give us feedback on our love lives.

Theres something that you want in your marriage.

It is very much obtainable.

It may seem like a really big change, and you feel frozen and stuck.

A great coach will help you build goals, help you stay on the correct path, and overcome self sabotage against your plans and dreams.

If you are ready to hire a wife coach, then here is what I want you to do.

Click here to register for free, so we can get to work on creating the relationship that God wants you to have.

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