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Power Struggle Workbook

Power Struggle Workbook

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All marriages go through it. The Power Struggle Phase. Many couples fail at the power struggle phase and end up divorcing. But what if I told you that that doesn’t have to be you? 


The Power Struggle Workbook is an insightful and interactive workbook that offers wives a compassionate and constructive approach to address the common dynamics of power struggles within their marriage. This workbook is designed to help couples recognize and understand the root causes of power struggles, communicate effectively, and create a stronger, more harmonious relationship.


In this workbook, there are 7 sections dedicated to help you navigate through common power struggle issues in your marriage:

  • Personality Differences 
  • Roles & Expectations Self Reflection 
  • Stepping Stones Toward Growth 
  • Resisting Conflict
  • Brainstorming for Deepening Intimacy
  • The Crazy 8
  • The Love Languages 


You will be introduced to hard questions and reflections that will help you navigate through the topics that seem to never get resolved. This workbook will guide you and your husband through roles & expectations, personality differences, how to grow in your marriage, and so much more!

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